Sunday, June 19, 2011

Arguments Will Steal Your Mind Power

Another advanced benefit of being well developed and focused mentally, Your "natural" tendency to seek opposition is diminished. You are much more inclined to face life objectively, and seek answers and solutions with dignity. - MJ

Arguments are very rarely, if ever, "won". Even if you think you won an argument, what did you win? If there really is a loser -  at least they learned something. Right? What did you gain? Satisfying your ego, a little practice at debating , and diminished mind power.

There are times when things need to be debated but most of the time it isn't productive. Do you want to argue the point? What do you get from a useless debate, and more importantly, what do you lose?

A person listening to arguments can learn something from both sides, but what about the participants? If your opponent makes a really good point, do you say, "Hey, you're right!" or do you more often just look for a better argument?

Arguing too much gets you in the habit of looking for arguments, more than for truth. You also get deeper into your ruts the more you defend a position. In a rut and ignoring the truth - that doesn't sound like it's good for mind power because it isn't.

Mind Power From Listening

If you say the moon is closer, and I say the sun is, one of us has to be right. If you say nurture is more important, and I say nature is, we're both right. The first argument has clearly defined terms. This isn't common. In the second example, our arguments have to do with values and experience. After seeing different things in life we could spend a lifetime defining "important".  Or I could shut up and listen. My mind becomes more powerful with the addition of your ideas and knowledge. Listening is the better way.

Stay clear of arguing,  ask for peoples opinions, and listen without saying anything. You can ask them to clarify, but don't offer contrary ideas. Do this enough and you'll be surprised how much you learn. Some of us are also surprised by how difficult this simple technique can be, but it works.

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